NI 2012 Our Place Our Time


This was the big PR campaign in Northern Ireland for the last two years, to really get the people going.

Im gonna jus have a ramble here about the actual campaign and the designs of it all and maybe a bit of a complain about it two but hey might be worth the read.

Northern Ireland after the troubles of years gone by as many of yous may know off, well it was a dull and grim place not much going for it. So what should the government do about this bad image the world has of an amazing place? Why lets just rebrand the country itself… well I have to say what a good idea, rebranding the whole country and its people! We are a friendly bunch of people we may have our differences but when it comes down to it were all the same and I personally think we needed to all have the rebrand so we all felt as one for a change.

So what will the rebrand do for the country?

Well clearly as you can see that the estimates are looking good for jobs, the GDP and the number of visitors to the country. Now that its nearing the end of 2012 I wonder if they got the extra 150,000. Its a great idea in getting money flowing into a part of the UK that doesn’t have much going for it other than tourism.

Ok so why 2012 you ask… good question because originally I wondered it myself, then i thought about it… 2012 is a big year for Northern Ireland, it marks 100 years of the building of Titanic, giants causeway finally gets its new tourist building, the UVF was started up meaning this was the start of the actual country itself and of course the 2012 london olympics and the Queens diamond jubilee. It seems to have been all go in this wee small corner of the earth this year… but all was included in this campaign.

Now onto the fun part… breaking down the actual rebrand.

The Logo, its a funny one because the way it is allows for the words to be changed, it be used on everything and look different from the one you may just have seen minutes before but you understand straight away what it is and what its about.

 Its so simple really five colours are carried through the whole brand and then the white. The five colours are bright, cheerful, energetic and well fun looking, you can tell they have been really thought about because they are playing on peoples feelings.
The nice clean white really gives it that light and peaceful feeling like a free spirt, which I personally feel thats what they where trying to do with the freedom of the white representing the person and then the colours representing the country. So basically the country is taking you the person on an exciting fun filled adventure that allows you to explore and see so much.
These stripes of colour carry through the whole rebrand and you will see them on near everything.

The Titanic Building.

 This is the new Titanic building which cost a large amount of money, although I have not been to it yet I hear it’s worth the visit.
This building had a big roll to play in the rebranding a feel as it held a lot of events or a lot of events where held around it as it may be. Its seen, well the Tatiana’s 100 year for starters, “Land of Giants” which was a hugh hit and then a light show which was all over the internet after on how amazing it was.

This particular image is of the front of the “Events guild”. They have the lovely little logo up there on the top left and as you can now see the stripes of colour are starting to come through.

I have to say when they done this they done it right, they have thought of just about everything that they could have! they even have painted cows… although this was part of something else, they still managed to get some cow painted in the colours.

A piece of Northern Irish rock and the Tayto brand easy Northern Ireland favourite crisp all have to join in on the fun. 

They even put it on boats and public transport.

 This particulate image is of a boat in Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh, my home county. Although

I have to say at the start we didn’t see much, we were like the forgotten corner of the country which is sad because we are rated the most beautiful one by the people and we also have by far the most outdoor activities to do.
I have to say though the boat looks class in these colour and seeing it on the lake itself is pretty cool, really brings a splash of colour to the area.

The whole campaign started I think with an advertisement on the TV. I personally think it is one of the best adverts that has been on in a very long time. It takes in a band playing the backing song who then feature in the video, then just a lot of videos of things that happen in Northern Ireland… which let me tell you there is a lot of and you may not think if from what you see on tv… but here is the video and you can see what you think of it yourself sure.

“ni 2012 your time our place” was the caption used when advertised in other countries, like her on the trams in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

 The tram look class in my personal opinion and I think its a great idea to take full advantage of a piece of moving transport as an advertisement campaign, a bit like buses only if you wait long enough you will see this one again and you might never see a bus again.

Now for the website.

The website is a very upbeat and cheerful one.
The way it has been laid out and only now looking at the colours and the time of year I can see that it all fits together very well for the season and remember being on it in the summer and thinking it was a good fit for summer to but clearly its an all rounder.

If your interested in visiting the page for yourself its…

So from when I started writing this till now i have really grown to appreciate the brand more. It is a well thought out and extremely revitalising design, my hat is of to the designers, they had their work cut out for them trying to make a country with a dark past look and feel beautiful to the outside world and give the people of the country something to actually care for. Now I hope Derry – Londonderry city of culture 2013 does just as well.

If you read this, thanks so much for the read and I hope you enjoyed it 😀


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