British airline designs. Who has the best?

So I travel a good amount back and forward from university to my home in Northern Ireland, so as you can imagine I am on a large number of flights and have been every since I was 16 and started working for the BBC in london. Also I have always been fascinated with airline and planes… at a stage some may think unhealthy. I decided to do this post as I have just been home a while back and was looking at the airlines at the airport and how they planes look.

So lets start it of… I have a feeling this will be a long post… the UK has some amount of airlines.

Atlantic Airlines – Cargo
I have to say… not keen on the whole thing they have going on here with their designs, I have
picked one of the newer planes with what i think is a better design.
Now you look at this plane and may think, Jesus that boring but its a cargo company so it doesn’t have the need to be exciting because no one has to see it really. Im really liking the clean white and then the green type, keeps it simple but still tells you what it is.
Im logo is of an eagle of some sorts and I can only guess that its to represent the fact that the plane, soars above the rest… or something along them lines.

BMI (BMI, BMI Regional and BMI Baby).
BMI was once a very dated looking airline brand but after their rebrand they really did get their things together.

Its a very sleek looking aircraft thats to the design. The blue separating the white give the effect of wind passing by the plane. They have changed the colour of the union flag and made it a blue, a lighter blue on the white area and a darker blue in the blue part of the tail fin but the have kept the red, white and blue theme which is carried through in the aircraft colour scheme. The bmi logo is kept lower case and really keeps it simple and relaxed which would lead me to believe that the company want to show thats how their travel is if you fly with them.
The bmi baby planes have the little baby character on the plane and as part of the logo. This shows that the company is good with kids and would make people with kids believe they should travel with them.

British Airways.
One of the oldest airline companies in the world so they have been through a number of different branding of the airline, the last one being not overly long ago. Personally I really liked the older brand, I guess because when i was born thats what they had and i recognised them by that but i guess change is good and modernising it needed to happen.

Image I love the logo now, the little red and blue ribbon that looks like its blowing in the wind, just give the “British Airways” that little bit extra and gives something to look at on up the plain.
The new tail fin has  what looks like a section of the Union flag blowing in the win in the direction that the plain is moving, really smart just using what they already have thats well know as being british.
The bottom of the plain is blue, i always think this is a smart idea because people can half tell what airline it is when passing overhead. It is a well designed brand, I personally think.

DHL – cargo

DHL being a delivery company both in the air and on land they need to have something that people notice so…


They know how to do it! A bright yellow plane on the ground or the sky people are going to see it. DHL brand is a simple yellow and red colouring. The DHL itself is simple but effective because once people see it they know what it is no thanks to its marketing and colouring. I think this is a really smart design for any company and I think some should follow suit.Ester Airways
Not an airline I know much about so I cant really comment but they look up to scratch for the market their in.
They again have used a red, white and blue theme to the planes. They keep it simple, a white forward part then a blue back and underbelly. The logo I think is smart, it looks like its just three random bits moving in the win but to a designers eye it makes and E for the eastern.

A smart name for an airline as it make people believe that if you travel with them you will have an easy time… I wont comment on what i think on the matter but still a smart name.


The plane is very distinctive when its on the ground as most people in the UK know that a plane with an orange tale is easyJet. The idea of using orange was engines, not because its my favourite colour but because no other airlines that i know of in europe use the colour, making it stand out from the crowd. The logo is a bit naff because there isn’t much to look at, nothing ti really excite the eye.

One of my favourite airlines. I really think it is an airline that got the branding right first time around because it hasn’t changed in a long time.


Flybe sounds like Flyme as in fly with me, i may be wrong in thinking this but if I’m right i think its a really good subliminal message. The colouring is good because when I see the light blue underbelly flying over, straight away its clear that it is flybe. The logo is kept simple with the Fly being a different colour to the be but it just gets straight to the point, I’m not sure what the different colours of circles under that mean but they look good.Jet2.
Jet2 as in Jet of too… is just really good, not a bit of fault you can give them on the name, they knew what they where doing when they named it, plus it is easy for people to remember.

I really like the simple red and silver they have going on, makes the plane look stylish. The red engines always give it away when its in the sky. The logo is simple, the Jet2 but the Jet being a different colour to the 2, maybe showing that they are two separate words.

Monarch Airlines.
I always thought this was a brand for a different county because i thought it looked to smart and European to be british but i was proven wrong when I was looking it up.

I love the design on this plane, it really makes the brand look the part. It makes sense being called monarch really when I think about it. The logo i love i just cant get over what a good logo it is really, using the M to make a lovely little crown to represent the monarch… hats of to the designer. The colours are a good choice I think as its like a royal blue and almost gold, cant get more in the way of monarch really can you.

Thomas Cook.
I don’t want to sound harsh… but it is the company I don’t like… not because they are a bad company but because their branding really makes me feel a tad ill.


I dont like this brand at all, it looks like there was no real thought went into the design, it makes me sad. The brand is clear to the the viewer and it will be remembered by people, me in a bad way, but is that good as I still will remember it or is it bad because I will remember it but in a negative way i’m not sure.

I love this companies logo, it looks a bit cheesy but it still give me a smile.


Using baby blue seems to be a common of airlines but Thomson put it of very well. Again though you can see the countries flag coming into play with the red, white and blue. I love the logo its a little smiling winking face that spells T at the same time, really good logo I personally feel.

What a good name for an airline company, making them look bigger than they are. This is a company that i have loved seeing the planes of because they always manage to give me a smile.


The design of the plane is so individual and unique that they don’t need to put their name all over the plane because you will find people will see this and wonder what it is and look it up. I just love the fact that they thought about what was going to be on the plane, as its in the sky so why not put the stars on it. Brilliant.

Virgin Atlantic.
Virgin are a very big player in the UK market in a vast number of places so why not planes as well. Its not an old company but one that has very much made a name for itself and is now on of the big boys so to say.

Again with the red, white and blue but this time there is actually a union flag on the plain.  Virgin planes are well known for the way they look and with the wartime pinup girl on the front, which is a really good idea, it give the plane that bit more to look at. I love the type face they use on the side of the plane as it is not your usual poring typeface. The logo is really well done, I think it is one that Richard Brancen himself wrote.

OK so that was a good while me writing that so I may have got a bit bored at the end… but out of all of the companies with the best looking design and logo im gonna have to give the prize to Monarch, they just look like sexy planes and make it a really good brand.

If you read this… thanks for the read and sorry if I made you want to kill yourself 😀


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