You Paint My Map.

So I have this weird interest in Maps and the Infographics to do with maps. So when I found on my stats that you could see a map of where people in the world are who have viewed your profile I near died from excitement.
I just want to share with you how it has evolved in the last few days. I only started this blog just over a week ago so its pretty amazing to see I think.

Dates and times should be on each image.
Map 1.

Map 2.

Map 3.


Map 4.


Map 5.

Map 6.


Map 7.

Map 8.

Map 9.


So im clearly a sucker for info graphics… but this is pretty awesome, the people of wordpress have coloured in my map just by clicking on my page, most of them strangely looking for vodka…
It is amazing to see though that people in countries I never would have expected have seen my blog and i have to say to me that is pretty amazing. The list got so big of countries I could no longer fit it on the photo.

I will keep doing this because I love it.

Thanks for the read and hope you enjoy my maps!


Shock tactic advertising.

Ok so in Northern Ireland the DOE (DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT) put out adverts to try and enforce safer driving, at the start when they first came out, when i was a good bit younger, they were horrifying and i had to turn them off. I still do on occasions. Now though people in Northern Ireland seem to accept them and feel they are important to have on TV, in order to get the point across.

The 2012 campaign… was.. well a shock and couldn’t believe it, but again important. So heres the video before I talk about it and I warn you now it might be a shock.

This adverts was easy one of the most shocking I have ever seen…
Is it right or socially acceptable? Well as I said above that at the start it was shocking and people went mad, but if you asked them then what they thought it would have been very different to now. Now these kid of adverts are socially acceptable in Northern Ireland and people think its a must. The number of deaths on the road has went down over the year, weather its because of this or better cars I’m not sure but in other countries where the like of this isn’t shown the death toll hasn’t changed. Its something I personally think should be all over the UK and Europe if it isn’t because although shocking its a must in fighting road traffic accidents.
What I love about these adverts though and especially this one is that they don’t always target the driver which is very important.
So the goods…

  • Its gets the point across to all ages.
  • Its a brilliant piece of advertising in that it get peoples attention straight away.
  • It plays on people emotions.
  • Well made and produced.
  • Has potential to be put all over the UK and Europe.

The bad…

  • It may not be culturally acceptable in other countries
  • It scares kids and adults alike

To be honesty I personally cant see much wrong with it, yes it scares me… but thats the point I’m scared into driving right and taking care on or around the road and to be mindful about other people.

Thanks for the read and if you like feel free to comment THANKS 😀

British airline designs. Who has the best?

So I travel a good amount back and forward from university to my home in Northern Ireland, so as you can imagine I am on a large number of flights and have been every since I was 16 and started working for the BBC in london. Also I have always been fascinated with airline and planes… at a stage some may think unhealthy. I decided to do this post as I have just been home a while back and was looking at the airlines at the airport and how they planes look.

So lets start it of… I have a feeling this will be a long post… the UK has some amount of airlines. Continue reading